Bolt Pattern and lug Reference wheel simulator

Bolt Pattern Pro

4 Lug Bolt Pattern Pro
Have you ever wanted a tool that can easily help you measure a vehicle’s bolt pattern? Have you seen the designs that are available? Some bolt pattern gauges are one complicated piece while others are 15 difficult to sort pieces. To make them even worse, most tools will not work on both hubs and wheels.

You probably use a tape measure to measure bolt patterns. But that can be tricky. Hubs get in the way. You can’t measure 5-lug wheels with precision. Half the wheels out there are metric. The Bolt Pattern Pro easily solves all those problems.

Bolt Pattern Pro 3-Piece SetThe Solution

First, the Bolt Pattern Pro is designed to go around the hub. No more bending a tape measure. No more trying to eyeball and guess the exact measurement.

Second, the Bolt Pattern Pro is designed for precision. For each lug configuration (4-lug, 5-lug & 6-lug) the Bolt Pattern Pro contains one tool for both Inch and Metric measurements. It eliminates all the guess work.

Imagine how quickly you can find the bolt pattern of your or your friend’s car when all you have to do is look at the number of lugs on their car, pull out the piece of the Bolt Pattern Pro for that number of lugs, align the cross-hairs with the center of the lugs and read the measurement. That’s it. Instead of pulling out a tape measure and bending it around a hub or trying to guess if it’s 4-5/16″ or 4-1/2″ you can use the Bolt Pattern Pro and know for sure.

Save Time & Money

Have an old set of rims laying around that you’d like get rid of? Can’t remember what car they came from? Just use the Bolt Pattern Pro to measure the bolt pattern of those rims and put them on Craigslist to make a few extra dollars. The first set of rims you sell will more than pay for the Bolt Pattern Pro.

Size Specifications

The Bolt Pattern Pro will measure the 29 most common bolt patterns for 4, 5, & 6 Lug vehicles. As mentioned above, the tools provide all measurements in inches so when a metric measurement is required, simply refer to the included Conversion Chart.


Inch: 4.00″, 4.25″, 4.50″, 4.53″, 4.75″, 5.00″, 5.12″, 5.31″, 5.50″


Inch: 4.00″, 4.25″, 4.33″, 4.41″, 4.50″, 4.53″, 4.72″, 4.75″, 5.00″, 5.12″, 5.31″, 5.50″, 5.91″


Inch: 4.50″, 4.53″, 4.75″, 5.00″, 5.20″, 5.31″, 5.50″

Eliminate the guesswork associated with finding bolt patterns. Get a Bolt Pattern Pro today.

Every Bolt Pattern Pro comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 1-Year Warranty. The Bolt Pattern Pro is also made in the U.S.A.